Digital Poster Session

Poster presentations of the 62JDS/11AASD will use full HD monitors instead of the paper posters.

What is digital poster?

  1. Presentation should be made using full HD monitors (70-inch) instead of the paper posters.
  2. All poster slides can be browsed anytime during the annual meeting using poster viewing PCs onsite, your own PC, tablet or smartphone.
  3. Presenters are asked to register their presentation slides online in advance. There is no need for the data registration on-site.

Presentation Data Preparation


  • Presentation data should be prepared using PowerPoint 2010-2016.
  • Up to 15 slides can be registered. Do not create a large format like a traditional poster presentation. Create individual slides like oral presentation.
  • Specify a display area aspect ratio of 4:3.
  • PowerPoint file will be converted into image format in order to prevent layout collapse. Screen switching animations and animations within pages cannot be used.
  • Movie data can be used in PowerPoint up to 200MB (size in total of both PPT file and video files).
  • Presentation number, title, presenter name and his/her affiliation will be shown at the top of the monitor during the presentation (see the display images below.) Title slide does not have to be prepared.
  • Conflict of interest information should be registered together with the presentation data. If there is something to disclose, use the JDS/AASD format and disclose it on the 16th slide (last slide). Format can be downloaded from here.
    If there is nothing to disclose, presenter does not have to prepare a disclosure slide.

Presentation Data Registration

Register during April 23 – May 13 from:
※ Modification and replacement on the registered data are not allowed after this period, not even onsite during the meeting.

Presentation Style

Presenters can switch between the two display styles: “Poster Mode” and “Slide Mode.”

Poster Mode

Poster mode shows 15 slides on the monitor at the same time.


Slide Mode

Slide mode shows one slide at a time.


Comparison Mode

Choose two slides from the presentation.


Poster Viewing

Participants of 62JDS/11AASD can browse registered presentation slides anytime during the annual meeting using poster viewing PCs onsite or their own devices (PC, tablet or smartphone). Viewing URL and necessary ID/Pass will be printed on the name badge.

※Presentation slides cannot be downloaded.