Call for Abstracts

1) Abstract Submission Period:

From October 15, Monday to November 30, Friday 2018 (12:00 GMT+9).
December 7, Friday 2018.(12:00 GMT+9).

Abstract submission has been closed.
Acceptance will be notified by the middle of February, 2019.

2) Regulation

  • All abstracts must be submitted through the online abstract submission system. The abstract submitted by post, fax or e-mail is not acceptable.
  • At least one of the authors must be an JDS member who has paid the current membership dues.
  • Acceptance and rejection will be decided by the president based on the review of the Program Committee.
  • Accepted abstracts will be considered eligible for one presentation: either oral or poster. The type of presentation will be notified by e-mail.

3) How to Access online abstract submission system

  1. If you are a member of JDS,
    Use JDS MY PAGE ID and password to log-in the system.
    Please follow the Registry instructions.
  2. If you are not a member of JDS,
    First, register your personal information and set up your account.
    Complete your account setting via registration URL on the automatic delivery mail. Go on register your abstract from online abstract submission system. Please make sure to keep your password, log-in ID (e-mail address) and your abstract receipt number. We cannot provide new passwords or ID in any circumstances.
    *Automatic delivery mail or Acceptance/Rejection mail will be sent to the registered e-mail address.
  3. To make any changes after the submission, use your own password and ID to log in to your personal abstract submission page. You may modify your abstract at any time until 12:00, December 7, 2018.
  4. Abstract submission deadline will be December 7, 2018. There can be a network disturbance around the deadline due to the heavy traffic to the server. Complete your submission well in advance of the deadline.

4)How to Register Abstract

Please access to the online abstract system from “Abstract Submission” button at the bottom of this page.

  1. Character limitation
    – Title : 120 characters including space
    – Abstract Body for Abstract book: within 750 characters. (Including spaces)
    – Abstract Body for Peer Review: within 2,200 characters. (Including spaces)
    Do not include your affiliate, Main author, Co-author in Abstract Body.
    You can’t proceed next step if you don’t input required topics.
  2. Category and Keyword
    Choose Category and Keyword from the list.

5)Ethical Approval

All research in the abstract carried out in the institution in Japan defined as “Basic research involving human specimens” or “Clinical research/epidemiological surveys” should be obtained the ethical approval.
The Japan Diabetes Society Code of Conduct Q&A

If your research is defined as those categories, submit the name of the institutional review board (IRB) and ethical approval number in the submitting page. If the research is yet under the ethical review by the end of the submission deadline, approval number should be submitted afterwards via e-mail to the Abstract Handling Desk, no later than 31 January, 2019.

> Abstract Submission

Abstract submission has been closed.
Thank you very much for your application.

Inquiries about Abstract Submission

62nd Annual Meeting of the Japan Diabetes Society – Abstract Handling Desk
(c/o Japan Convention Services, Inc.)

TEL: +81-3-6386-3429 FAX: +81-3-3508-1755

Office hours: 9:30–17:30 (Weekdays Only / Japan Standard Time, GMT+9)